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mPOS (Mobile POS) refers to mobile point of sale system which is the combination of software and hardware. This is an electronics device used by merchants for transaction in daily business life. Now a day’s mPOS machine is going to be key element in businesses just because of its cashless transaction function. Basically it is used in retail shops where customer likes perform transactions through Credit or Debit card. This is basically used in retail shop, grocery, food and beverage industry.

I think till now you have understood for what machine talking about. Even if you have doubt I give a example which help you to understand this clearly. Have you ever go to malls for shopping, or MacDonald’s for food, whenever you don’t have cash money, what you do? You preferred your credit or debit card for payment. Am I Right?

And the shopkeeper or seller swipes your card through a small machine and you enter your pin code for complete payment. I am definitely sure most of you experienced this, That small machine is known as mPOS machine and this whole process is known as mPOS payment system.


We all used mPOS machine in grocery shop and malls for payment. But we never think how this mPOS machine works? How our payment settled? Without wasting time I come to the point afterall how this works. As we know mPOS machine is the combination of software and hardware and its software part is integrated with seller’s bank account. The hardware part of mPOS machine consist a card reader chip. Now we come to the process.

At first merchant or seller swipe credit or debit card of buyer through this machine .

After confirming buyer input the pin code as password.

Then mPOS machine which works as a card reader and read bar code of credit or debit card .

Then this input data sends to central regulatory account.

Here process complete and you got the receipt of you payment, now you can get your goods and services.

After confirming all the input details form central regulatory, amount transfer to sellers account and receipt generate .


This is a new & Effective Business Modal.

Portray yourself as end to end service provider.

Cater to smaller towns, at a lower operational cost.

Additional revenue channel increase higher income.

Backup of a strong transactional processing .

This enabled you large network & better penetration and reach in the market.


mPOS provides secured transaction with privacy of your details .

This is user friendly and easy to use .

Reduction in queues, Quick transaction process.

Increase acceptance at all price points .

You can pay through credit or debit card.

Reduce the cash transaction hassles .